20 9 / 2011

[UPDATED 9/21 with one tap downgrade]

Instagram released v2 of their wildly popular photo sharing app today… and while the update is *mostly* fantastic, there’s issues for some users.  Some filters have been removed, others are different, and the tilt shift feature is non-ajustable.

Well, good news!  Until Instagram addresses these issues, you can downgrade to a previous version and use all of the features you are accustomed to.   

Here’s how:

  1. With iTunes closed, navigate to the Mobile Applications folder.
    Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications. 
  2. Remove Instagram from the Mobile Applications folder.  Depending on your sync habits, the app may not be in this folder.
  3. Search your system for .ipa files and locate the old version of Instagram.
  4. Drag the old Instagram .ipa the iTunes library. A message may be displayed indicating you are replacing the app with an older version.  Exactly.
  5. Uninstall Instagram on your phone by pressing on the icon until it wiggles, then tap the X.
  6. Connect your phone to iTunes, to the Applications tab and check the box next to Instagram. Click apply and sync your iPhone.

That’s it!  Tap the (now-old-looking) Instagram icon and re-enter your credentials.  Ahhh.